Flat basin

Rs 90.00 Rs 77.00

Ø  Flat basin round in shape for multipurpose usage.

Ø  It is easy to maintain.

Ø  Dimension: Height: 7.5cm, Breadth: 34cm

Basin 016

Rs 160.00 Rs 136.00

Ø  Size: Breadth 41.5cm,Height: 13.0cm

Ø  Round multipurpose basin.

Ø  MULTI PURPOSE: This basin can be used at home, kitchen, for kneading dough, mixing vegetables and more kitchen utility. In this basin we can Washing vegetables.

Ø  This Basin is made of Plastic, which is strong and durable for a long time. This Basin is light weight so you can carry it anywhere and this Basin is great for carrying, storage.

Basin 014

Rs 120.00 Rs 102.00

Ø  Size: Breadth 35.0cm, Height: 10.5cm

Ø  Round multipurpose basin.