Bath room shelf

Rs 285.00 Rs 242.00

         Dimension - L: 335mm | B: 127mm |       

         H: 272mm | IH: 197mm

  • It can be used as a bathroom stand, bathroom corner rack, kitchen rack and for multipurpose accordingly
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Gives o a good and perfect look for bathroom
  • It is  compact and easy to fit in the bathroom walls.
  • Easy to install -DIY

Book shelf 2 stage

Rs 1,280.00 Rs 1,088.00

          Dimension - L: 430mm B: 390mm

          H: 605mm  IH: 275mm

  • Perfectly designed to stack books and files organised 

  • Spacious and durable 

  • Easy to assemble- DIY

Book shelf 4 stage

Rs 1,980.00 Rs 1,683.00

         Dimension - L: 430mm B: 390mm

         H: 605mm  IH: 275mm

  • Perfect for stacking books,files and other items neat and organised.

  • Provided four plates can stack more number of books or files
  • Spacious and durable.

  • Easy to assemble-  DIY

Corner shelf

Rs 965.00 Rs 820.00

Size:  L: 380mm X R: 390mm X H: 685mm IH: 245mm 

Compact, durable and suits perfectly to be placed in any of the corners.

The multiple shelves are useful for stocking smaller items.

Easy to assemble- DIY

File shelf - 4 Tray

Rs 4,230.00 Rs 3,596.00
  • A very useful product made with premium quality plastic

  • Exclusively for office use.
  • It is strongly structured, stable and can withstand ample amount of weight.

  • The multiple shelves are spacious enough to stock a number of files.

  • It could be utilised for various purpose too.

          Easy to assemble - DIY

Medium Rectangular Shelf

Rs 1,125.00 Rs 956.00

Ø   Design: Elegant design with two panels, four legs

Ø   Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions

Ø   Contemporary shelf designed with a Premium and Highly Durable Plastic

Ø   It can be easily dismantled and reassembled which makes it easy to transport for outdoors

Ø  Easy to assemble - DIY