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Mini Study Table Kids

Rs 905.00 Rs 769.00

Ø Easy to maintain and clean

Ø The Product Required basic assembly (4 Legs which keep the table stable)

Ø Can be used for bed table for breakfast and laptop

Ø Usable for All Kinds of work.

Ø The table is made up of polypropylene with 4 legs which keep the table stable

Kids Folding chair

Rs 905.00 Rs 769.00

Ø Kids Folding Chairs are high in demand by parents having kids between 2 years and above as it is foldable and can be carried anywhere.

Ø Whether it's a Picnic, Party, Activities or studying at home.

Ø These chairs can be placed open for your child to sit comfortably.

Ø If needed this chair can be used by adult too. It’s having weight carrying capacity up to 70 kg

Chess Table Mini(465-325-400)

Rs 905.00 Rs 769.00

Ø Dimension: Depth or Length 46 cm

Width 32 cm

Height 40 cm

Ø Light weight to carry anywhere, best plastic table for kids.

Ø Chess game are the most famous games among kids.

Ø Used for reading book, painting work, enjoy leisure snack time, sofa, couch, floor, lawn Etc.

Ø Product suitable from 3 years old Child to 80 years old Senior.

Ø A smooth surface can use for laptop table.

Ø Durable and sturdy structure.

Ø Usable for All Kinds of work.

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Heavy Duty rectangle teapoy

Rs 1,550.00 Rs 1,318.00

Ø  Product Dimensions: L 710mm * B 405mm* H 545mm *IH 392mm

Ø  Strongly structured, stable and can withstand ample amount of weight

Ø  Looks classy and useful for a wide range of purpose

Ø  Suitable for any flooring

Ø  The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions-DIY

Zircon 3350

Rs 1,680.00 Rs 1,428.00

Ø  Maximum seating space.

Ø  Comfortable for long seating.

Ø  It gives antique look.

Ø  Durable & Sturdy chair

Emerald 3300

Rs 1,635.00 Rs 1,390.00

Ø Contemporary stackable design with premium glossy finish

Ø Stylish, modern and sturdy chair

Ø Durable

Ø Multiple holes for air circulation 

Ø Gives you a comfort seating.

Mini Library

Rs 4,310.00 Rs 3,664.00

Ø  Dimensions L 710 * B 405 * H 1856 * IH 392

Ø  A very useful product made with premium quality plastic.

Ø  Exclusively for compact Library.

Ø  It is strongly structured, stable and can withstand.

Ø  Ample amount of weight.

Ø  The multiple trays are spacious enough to stock a number of books/files.

Ø  It could be utilized for various purpose too.

Ø  Easy to assemble - DIY

Spinel 3400

Rs 1,680.00 Rs 1,428.00

Ø  Ergonomically designed for back support

Ø  Adequate thigh support

Ø  Air vents for long seating

Ø  Boxed legs for extra strength

Ø  And more with our 3 years Guarantee

Study Table Kids(690-430-480)

Rs 1,625.00 Rs 1,381.00

Ø  This table for Kids can be used in Playschools / Pre Schools,Activity Centres or at Home.

Ø  The Table is Made of High Quality Non Toxic Plastic which makes them Sturdy and Durable.

Ø  Elegant design & Smooth Finish makes it the perfect addition for your child's world

Ø  The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions - DIY

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