Teapoy 2800

Rs 1,745.00 Rs 1,483.00

Ø  Dimension : L 80 cm *B 43.5 cm * H 49 cm

Ø  Oval shaped teapoy

Ø  It comes with detachable wheels

Ø  Suits to any flooring

Ø  Gives a classic look

Ø  Curved edges ensure safety

Ø  The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions- DIY

Thaayam Table-The Traditional Game(465-325-400)

Rs 905.00 Rs 769.00

Ø Dimension: Depth or Length 46 cm

Width 32 cm

Height 40 cm

Ø Light weight to carry anywhere, best plastic table for kids.

Ø  Thayam game  are the most famous games among kids.

Ø Used for reading book, painting work, enjoy leisure snack time, sofa, couch, floor, lawn Etc.

Ø Product suitable from 3 years old Child to 80 years old Senior.

Ø A smooth surface can use for laptop table.

Ø Durable and sturdy structure.

Ø Usable for All Kinds of work.


Tiger Stool

Rs 585.00 Rs 497.00

Ø This plastic stool can be used in bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen & baby potty training.

Ø This is portable and light weight so you can carry it anywhere.

Ø This stool made of strong & durable plastic material.

Ø The Stool is sturdy, stylish, comfort and maintenance-free you can stack the stool, so they take less space when you're not using them.

Ø Quick and easy to clean, simply wipe it down with a warm wash cloth.

Toy school chair 0011

Rs 15.00 Rs 13.00

Ø    Great for kids

Ø    It is durable

Ø    Strong and Sturdy

Ø    Miniature art structure


Rs 315.00 Rs 268.00

Ø  Size: Height: 28cm, Breadth: 43cm

Ø  The stool is sturdy, stylish, and maintenance-free

Ø  No assembly or screws to re-tighten, since the stool is molded in one piece.

Ø  You can stack the stool, so they take less space when you're not using them.

Ø  Easy to clean, Sturdy compact & looks attractive with this checkers design.

Ø  Ideal for kitchen also suitable for home, hotel and bathroom.

TV stand

Rs 2,275.00 Rs 1,934.00

Ø  Dimension - L: 710mm X B: 405mm X H: 690mm IH: 250mm

Ø  It is so compact, sturdy and durable.

Ø  A perfect TV stand to fit your style.

Ø  It can withstand ample amount of weight 

Ø  The shelves are useful for stocking smaller household items.


Rs 585.00 Rs 497.00

Ø This plastic sitting stool can be used in living room, bedroom, restaurants, institutes, colleges, bars, hotels, meeting rooms and waiting areas

Ø It perfect for reaching things on the top shelf, dusting ceiling fans, helping kids reach the sink or anything that requires you to gain some extra height.

Ø Provides the ultimate strength and durability to the product.

Ø      Easy to Clean – just simply wipe down with a clean cloth

Yizi 0013

Rs 15.00 Rs 13.00

Ø    Specially designed with miniature art structure

Ø    Unique style

Ø    Kids enjoy playing with it

Ø    Meant even to shown off

Zircon 3350

Rs 1,680.00 Rs 1,428.00

Ø  Maximum seating space.

Ø  Comfortable for long seating.

Ø  It gives antique look.

Ø  Durable & Sturdy chair