Eeze lounge 3100

Rs 1,339 Rs 1,575

Brand Surprise
SKU SurpEeze3100

Ø  Product size: length(81.5cm),height(85cm),breadth(64cm)

Ø  Wide seat than any other easy chair in India

Ø  Round sloped arms for resting freely

Ø  Multiple holes for air circulation 

Ø  Arched legs for extra strength

Ø  X type integrated ribs for increased carrying capacity

Ø  Extra slope for relaxing

Ø  Comes with attractive colours

Product Enquiry
SAJEEV K V 03/09/2023

I have bought one, best product all other companies same products are not comfort as this, a great product. Again I go to the same shop for one more this chair but no stock at Fathima bed emporium Mathilakam

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