Emperor Stool

Rs 560.00 Rs 475.00

Dimension - L: 460mm X B: 460mm X H: 456mm

  • It’s an exclusive model in India
  • A Six legged stool attached with belts
  • The belt is given to maintain the stability of the stool while climbing.

Heavy Duty Batla

Rs 360.00 Rs 305.00

Dimension - L: 306mm | B: 306mm | H: 130mm

  • Strong, tough yet comfy.
  • Available in various  colors that last long.

Honey Bee

Rs 350.00 Rs 298.00

Dimension - L: 348mm | B: 272mm | H: 254mm

  • Sturdy and durable yet comfortable to use.
  • Comes with attractive colours.

Rock Stool

Rs 555.00 Rs 470.00 Dimension - L: 462mm X B: 462mm X H: 462mm

  • A heavy stool that is why very sturdy
  • Comes with a rubber bush for grip.

Trio Stool

Rs 350.00 Rs 298.00
  • Ideal for kitchen also suitable for home, hotel and bathroom
  • Sturdy compact and stylish
  • High quality of material.